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At Graze Robotics, Our solutions span across industries, harnessing the power of robotics technology to address challenges across diverse sectors. Whether it's ensuring safety and efficiency in airfield operations, optimizing the aesthetics and playability of golf courses, or revolutionizing farming practices with precision agriculture techniques, Graze Robotics stands at the forefront of cross-industry robotics applications.

Automated Airfield Maintenance

Autonomous mowing technology designed with airport safety and efficiency in mind. Features include a 60-inch cutting deck tailored for FAA guidelines, low-profile design for clearances, and advanced obstacle detection systems to navigate around airfield assets safely.
Custom lidar and sensor packages for precise obstacle avoidance
FAA-compliant design for operation within airport environments
Automated scheduling for maintenance during low-traffic hours to minimize disruptions

Solar Field Vegetation Management

Autonomous mowers equipped with GPS and lidar to navigate the unique layout of solar fields, ensuring efficient and consistent vegetation control. The mower's design allows it to maneuver between panels, optimizing sunlight exposure and reducing shading.
Height-adjustable blades to maintain grass at optimal lengths
Patterned mowing paths designed to match solar grid layouts for thorough coverage
Solar-powered charging options to align with the sustainability goals of solar energy sites

Precision Golf Course Upkeep

Advanced autonomous mowing systems capable of adjusting cutting heights on-the-fly to maintain fairways, roughs, and greens with precision. Includes attachments for specialized tasks like ball picking.

Additional Focus Areas

Parks & Rec Areas

Offering large deck sizes and extended runtimes to manage vast green spaces efficiently, ensuring parks remain pristine for community enjoyment.

Highway Medians

Safety-focused solutions for maintaining these high-risk areas, allowing crews to manage the equipment remotely and avoid direct exposure to traffic.

Municipal Integration

Autonomous mowers provide municipalities with a tool for keeping public spaces well-maintained, contributing to the city's overall aesthetics and safety, and supporting environmental sustainability goals.

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Grass Area In US

The fractional distribution of turf grass areas across the nation in percentage terms, supplemented by the actual quantities in acres.

Fractional Turf Grass Area (%)


Lawn Price

/ Acre

Average price per acre mowed traditionally is published data on

Our estimate for a property mowed robotically assumes the mower is mowing every week, and mowing 100 acres per week. The price of the mower is amortized over (3) years to get to the weekly cost. All assumptions are estimates and vary by customer.


  • $30
    $150 - $200
  • $60
    $250 - $350
  • $90
    $350 - $500
  • $120
    $450 - $650

1 acre

2 acres

3 acres

4 acres

Why Choose Graze Robotics

At Graze Robotics, we're not just offering solutions; we're pioneering a new era of outdoor maintenance and agriculture technology. With a relentless commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, we stand as the go-to choice for organizations seeking advanced solutions that deliver real impact. Our proven track record of success, coupled with our dedication to environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction, sets us apart as leaders in the field.