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Green Spaces


At Graze Robotics, we recognize the pivotal role that expansive commercial landscapes play in our lives. Yet, maintaining such properties—be it sprawling airports, vibrant sports facilities, or governmental green spaces—poses challenges of efficiency, safety, and, importantly, environmental impact.


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Traditional Mower


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Graze Robotic Mower

Graze Robotics ushers in a new era of eco-friendly groundskeeping with our advanced, fully electric autonomous mowers. By harnessing electric power, we effectively eliminate harmful emissions, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of landscape maintenance.

Safety Sensors

Robust sensor suite including lidar, odometry sensors, cameras, and an optical suite of computer vision technology


Tri-blade Mow Deck
Object Detection And Avoidance


Electric Powered

40KWH allows up to 8HR run time, Ultra safety, strength long range and high charging capabilities.

Precision Path Planning

Plan and execute mowing paths


Mowing Runtime

Step into the eco-smart era with Graze Robotics

Let’s cultivate a cleaner, greener world together.
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Smart Command Center

Plan Your Mowing Session

Boundary Customization: Set precise perimeters for the mowing area and designate no-mow zones with ease. Then just start mowing.

Access Detailed Statistics

Performance Insights: Analyze performance data to optimize your mower's efficiency and operational productivity over time.

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay Informed: Monitor your mower's progress in real-time. Receive live updates and alerts on your device to keep you in control, ensuring peace of mind from anywhere.

Engineering a Greener Tomorrow. Join in.

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Eco-Driven Innovation

We at Graze Robotics are committed to a greener future with our AI-driven, fully autonomous equipment that does more than just mow—it preserves our environment.

Broad Applications

From meticulous care of golf courses to the precise upkeep of solar fields, our mowers provide environmentally conscious solutions for a variety of terrains and industries.

Smart Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art robotics solutions, we ensure that each blade of grass cut by our mowers contributes to a larger goal—sustaining the planet.

Solar Efficiency

Our equipment, powered by advanced battery technology, aligns with renewable energy initiatives, reducing carbon footprints across commercial properties.

Beyond Lawn Care

Our autonomous mowers are engineered for multiple environments, offering sustainable vegetation management for airfields, parks, and beyond.

Precision Agriculture

Embracing the future of farming, we provide robots that enhance productivity while protecting the land, aligning with precision agriculture techniques.

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Connect with us and contribute to a smarter, greener future. With Graze Robotics, you invest in technology that safeguards our planet, boosts efficiency, propels outdoor upkeep into the future.
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