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Graze is more than just a developer of autonomous commercial lawnmowers; we are architects of progress. With each stride we make, we move closer to simplifying maintenance across diverse landscapes. From airports to golf courses, government properties to solar fields, we're redefining how maintenance is approached through intelligent, eco-friendly autonomous tools.
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In our recent webinar, Logan Fahey, CEO of Graze Robotics, introduced Philip Duffy as our new Chief Operating Officer & Chief Product Officer. Phil, a recognized leader in AI and robotics, shared his background and vision for Graze Robotics.An in-depth overview of our product development was presented, highlighting software enhancements, including user interface and Command Center improvements, to ensure a seamless user experience. Logan emphasized our commitment to serving enterprise-level customers in airports and solar fields with tailored solutions.
He also shared our Q1 financial performance, cost overview, and insights into our financial health, as well as outlined key milestones and deliverables for the near future.The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where participants engaged directly with our leadership team, addressing various questions and providing valuable feedback.We appreciate your continued support and commitment to our collective success.


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