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Graze is a full stack automation, robotics, and intelligence company focused on enabling the service industry to do more with less.








Green Spaces
We are more than just a developer of autonomous commercial lawnmowers; we are architects of progress. With each stride we make, we move closer to simplifying maintenance across diverse landscapes. From airports to golf courses, government properties to solar fields, we're redefining how maintenance is approached through intelligent, eco-friendly autonomous tools.

Together We
Cultivate Excellence

Experience the evolution of landscape maintenance with the power of intelligent robotics, enhancing efficiency and sustainability, empowering human ingenuity, and supporting a more environmentally friendly world.

The Team Leading Graze

Our executive team is comprised of decades of experience in both commercial landscaping and autonomous robotics.

Logan Fahey Franz

President and CEO

Lisa Fiore

Board Member

Philip Duffy


Ellen Bruno

Head of Operations

Paul Appleton

Head of People and Business Development

Brian Zumbach

Head of Manufacturing

Cristian Troncoso

Head of Software

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Built for airports, solar fields and municipal use.
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