Redefine the Future of Landscape Maintenance

At Graze, our mission is to redefine the future of landscape maintenance by harnessing cutting-edge robotics technology to revolutionize the way outdoor spaces are cared for. We are driven by the conviction that automation can elevate efficiency, sustainability, and precision, while creating opportunities for growth and innovation.

Why Robots

Our commitment to robotics stems from a belief in the power of automation to transcend the limitations of traditional methods. By harnessing robotic technology, we unlock a world of possibilities where landscapes are maintained with unparalleled precision, reliability, and efficiency. We envision a future where human labor is augmented by technology, freeing resources for more creative, strategic, and higher-value tasks.

Customer and Partner Benefits

Our innovation is rooted in customer and partner benefits. We empower golf course managers, airport authorities, government agencies, and others with autonomous solutions that reduce operational costs, increase safety, and elevate maintenance quality. By streamlining processes and enhancing outcomes, we enable our clients to provide exceptional experiences for their patrons and stakeholders.

Strategy and Goals

Our strategy centers on continuous technological advancement, market expansion, and fostering strategic partnerships. We're committed to driving the evolution of autonomous landscaping solutions, consistently enhancing their capabilities, and expanding their applications to address ever-changing industry needs. Our goal is to become the go-to name in autonomous landscaping technology, globally recognized for pioneering solutions that optimize outdoor spaces.

Core Values and Focus

At Graze, our core values are the compass guiding our journey. We prioritize continuous improvement, driving technology, and operational excellence. Our unwavering commitment to customers and partners is reflected in every aspect of our business, from product development to post-sales support. We deeply care about our employees, nurturing a collaborative, inclusive culture that encourages innovation and personal growth.

Caring for Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners are at the heart of everything we do. We forge lasting relationships built on trust, transparency, and a shared commitment to success. We invest in understanding their unique needs and challenges, tailoring our solutions to exceed expectations and deliver measurable value.

Empowering Employees

Our team is the backbone of our success. We prioritize creating a work environment that fosters creativity, continuous learning, and professional development. By providing opportunities for growth and empowerment, we equip our employees to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Driving Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth is central to our ethos. We are dedicated to expanding our reach while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our commitment to eco-friendly technology and responsible practices ensures that the benefits of our solutions extend to both our clients and the planet.

Agile Innovation Strategy

At Graze, our commitment to agile innovation drives our strategy. We understand the significance of adaptability in promptly delivering cutting-edge solutions, positioning us as frontrunners in a dynamic industry and allowing us to proactively address evolving demands.
Graze envisions a landscape where robots and humans collaborate seamlessly, where innovation propels progress, and where technology enriches lives. Our dedication to shaping this vision fuels our pursuit of excellence, our commitment to our partners, and our resolve to shape a brighter, more efficient future for outdoor maintenance.