Graze Introduces Revolutionary Ball Picker Attachment for Enhanced Golf Course Maintenance

December 09, 2023

Dallas, TX - December 9th 2023 - At Graze, we're always pushing the envelope in lawn care innovation. Our latest breakthrough, the Ball Picker Attachment for Graze mowers, marks a new era for golf course upkeep. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this tool revolutionizes the way golf courses manage ball collection.

Innovative Solution to a Time-Old Challenge

Golf courses face the daily challenge of collecting thousands of golf balls scattered across practice areas, a task that traditionally consumes considerable time and resources. Graze's ball picker attachment addresses this challenge head-on by transforming standard lawnmowers into autonomous, silent, and efficient ball collection units.

Product Features and Benefits

The sleek design of the 5-foot wide Single Section Golf Ball Picker ensures optimal maneuverability and precision in diverse golf course landscapes. Equipped with a split drum design, the attachment enhances the mower's agility, enabling it to navigate through various terrains and tight spaces with ease.

Autonomous Efficiency

By converting mowers into autonomous ball collection units, Graze's attachment enables maintenance staff to focus on other crucial tasks. This efficiency not only extends operational hours but also minimizes ball loss, significantly boosting productivity on the golf course.

A Step Towards Smarter Golf Course Management

"This attachment isn't just a tool; it's a step towards a more intelligent and efficient approach to maintaining golf courses," said Logan Fahey, CEO at Graze. "With the ability to autonomously collect golf balls both day and night, our ball picker attachment is an essential addition to any modern golf course looking to enhance its maintenance operations."

About Graze

Graze is a developer of fully autonomous commercial lawn mowers built for a variety of applications such as airports, sports facilities, and government properties. Graze’s mowers can serve the needs of massive areas, such as golf courses, parks, medians, and other commercial properties, with solutions that increase profitability, reduce expenses, and enhance safety. Its breakthrough autonomous mowers can do everything a traditional mower can do, but faster and more efficiently. Users simply set the mowing boundaries, and Graze’s technology does the rest.

For more information, contact:
Ellen Bruno, Chief of Staff