Graze, Inc. Appoints Logan Fahey as Chief Executive Officer

LOS ANGELES, California – June 30, 2023 – Graze, Inc., a developer of autonomous commercial lawn mowers, has appointed Logan Fahey as its Chief Executive Officer. Fahey is the former CEO of Robin Autopilot, a robotic lawn care solutions company, and is the founder of Fahey Group, a holdings company dedicated to investing in the green industry.

Graze’s autonomous electric mowers are designed to serve large-scale properties such as airports, golf courses, parks, and government facilities, including properties with high security requirements. The company provides solutions that can increase profitability, reduce expenses, and enhance the safety of landscaping operations. Its mowers offer better quality cutting than gasoline-powered mowers, as well as environmental benefits to help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

To be closer to its core customers and other expansion opportunities, Graze will open an office in the Dallas area, while its R&D operations will continue to be located at its Los Angeles headquarters. Over the next year, Graze plans to focus on running key pilot programs for enterprise-level customers throughout Texas and Florida.

“We see a significant opportunity to serve the commercial market in the rapidly growing autonomous mowing industry, and Logan is uniquely qualified to further build our team and take our company to the next level of growth,” said Buck Jordan, Chairman of the Board for Graze.“Logan is a true visionary and pioneer in this industry. He has built Robin Autopilot as a successful robotic mowing company in partnership with Husqvarna Group, the world leader in robotics, and he has successfully run a large-scale landscaping company. We are privileged to have Logan’s expertise and vision at the forefront in this exciting time for our company.”

Fahey has built a unique and successful career as an entrepreneur in a variety of industries. He will continue as Chairman of the Board for Robin Autopilot, a synergistic partner of Graze. In recent years, Fahey’s team repositioned Robin as a robots-as-a-service (RaaS) firm offering multi-manufacturer fleet management software solutions. Fahey also led the management team of Landmark Lawn and Garden Supply, based in northeast Ohio, where he formed Landmark Automation as an RaaS company focused on eco-efficient and labor-saving solutions for the lawn care industry.

“I am thrilled to join the innovative team at Graze,” Fahey said. “Our engineers have created a truly remarkable product that is the most advanced solution in the market. By focusing our initial efforts on key commercial markets in the Dallas area, we are building a strong foundation for long-term growth for our company as a pioneer in this exciting industry.”

About Graze

Graze is a developer of fully autonomous commercial lawn mowers built for a variety of applications such as airports, sports facilities, and government properties. Graze’s mowers can serve the needs of massive areas, such as golf courses, parks, medians, and other commercial properties, with solutions that increase profitability, reduce expenses, and enhance safety. Its breakthrough autonomous mowers can do everything a traditional mower can do, but faster and more efficiently. Users simply set the mowing boundaries, and Graze’s technology does the rest.

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