Meet Graze.
A Fully Autonomous Commercial Lawn Mower Disrupting a $100B Market

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The Opportunity in Commercial Landscaping

As seen in

Graze greatly increases the margins for commercial landscapers and owners of golf courses and private estates alike. It’s set to be a major disruptor in this massive industry."

Between its financial potential and its carbon footprint reduction, Graze is a win for any investor looking for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a futuristic company.

Graze Unveils New Design and Capabilities

The Technology

The Mower of the Future

Graze is building electric, autonomous lawn mowers specifically for the commercial landscaping industry to counter labor shortages and rising wages in the US.

Reducing Labor Costs Increases Margins

Direct labor costs ~45% of the total revenue generated from lawn mowing. Graze eliminates 50% or more of the labor costs and 75% of the fuel costs.

Proprietary Technology

Machine learning and computer vision will allow Graze to map job sites, plan and execute mowing paths, avoid obstacles (i.e. trees, people), and collect and apply data to further optimize for precision and efficiency.

100% Electric Powered

Customers will save significantly on fuel and maintenance costs, and will be able to operate effectively and quietly at night.

Over $5 million raised from more than 3000 investors

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Our Team

Our executive team is comprised of decades of experience in both commercial landscaping and autonomous robotics.

John Vlay CEO

  • CEO, Jensen Landscaping

  • Exit: sold Jensen to Monarch

  • EVP, Monarch

  • BS, Business-Economics, UCLA

Nick DegnanCTO

  • Board Member, Miso Robotics

  • Founder / Inventor, Unlimit Solutions

  • Head of Product, Motivo Engineering

  • VP Product & Ops, Equipois

  • MBA UCLA, MS ME UC Davis

Phillip WongLead Systems Engineer

  • K5 Lead Engineer, Knightscope, Inc.

  • Equity crowdfunding experience in robotics

  • BS, Computer Engineering, UC Santa Cruz

Expert Advisors in Robotics and Turf

Sander Pruijs

  • Former Global Head of Rural & Retail Clients, Rabobank

  • Responsible for the rural banking (primary agriculture) businesses in the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand

  • Harvard Business School

Rob Anderson

  • Co-Founder / Mechanical Engineer, Miso Robotics

  • SpaceX / Microsoft Surface

  • 5+ years Mechanical Engineer

  • Built Caltech Electric Car Team

  • BS Caltech, Mechanical Engineering

Lead Investor

Wavemaker Partners is the lead investor in Graze.

Wavemaker is a top-decile early-stage venture capital firm founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore and manages over US$400m in assets.

Some of Wavemaker's past investments and exits include:

Live Investor Webinar with Q&A

Join Graze CEO John Vlay along with special guest Martin Buehler, Graze Head of Engineering and Wavemaker Labs CTO, to discuss an exciting new technology announcement.

Graze is pleased to introduce our new Advanced Sensor Package. We are integrating this state of the art sensor suite into the upcoming version of our mower. Graze will be using a combination of advanced video cameras and lidar upgrades to ensure better accuracy, night vision, and to discern different types of objects.

Graze has already received over $6 million in funding from more than 4000 investors.

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