Automating Commercial Lawn Care

Graze is a developer of fully autonomous commercial lawn mowers - built for airports, golf courses and government applications.

Commercially Focused

Our commercial grade mowers can manage golf courses, parks, recreation/sports turf, golf courses and solar fields. We partner with facility managers, corporate partners and government agencies to deploy our technology.

Golf Courses

Golf courses are a critical use case for Graze’s technology. We focus on the ability to autonomously raise and lower the cutting height to mow both the fairway and roughs. In addition, we are in the process of developing several new attachments, including a reel mower and auto golf ball picker.


Our initial go-to-market has been focused on airport maintenance, including runways. Our mower was designed with the right body profile, the 60 inches cutting deck, weight and speed specific for FAA guidelines.


Parks and recreation is a perfect fit for Graze’s wide cutting deck (60”) and our 8-hour runtime – making managing thousands of acres a manageable task.

Solar Fields

Solar fields are built in grid style, and we’ve designed Graze to ensure we can mow a perfect pattern going both ways for an efficient cut. In addition, our mower profile was built at a height that allows us to cover over 90% of the total grass at a solar field.


Graze continues to partner with municipalities and government agencies at every level. Our ability to mow autonomously allows for additional safety on government owned properties and helps contribute to the ESG goals set by these organizations.

Road + Highway Medians

Mowing highways and medians are unsafe at so many levels. Our machines allow crew to stay safe and observe the units as they mow difficult terrains and busy roads.

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Grass Area In US

This illustration maps the fractional distribution of turf grass areas across the nation in percentage terms, supplemented by the actual quantities in acres.

Fractional Turf Grass Area (%)


Lawn Price / Acre

  • 1


    $150 - $200


  • 2


    $250 - $350


  • 3


    $350 - $500


  • 4


    $450 - $650



Average price per acre mowed traditionally is published data on

Our estimate for a property mowed robotically assumes the mower is mowing every week, and mowing 100 acres per week. The price of the mower is amortized over (3) years to get to the weekly cost. All assumptions are estimates and vary by customer.